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Dealer Keys does a lot of research to ensure we use the most advanced tools available in the industry. This results in the most efficient process. This allows us to provide the lowest price & best service.

Dealer Keys is a family owned and operated business with our clients best interest in mind. We strive to offer a personal level of service & satisfaction not found with most vendors. We're dedicated to increasing the value of your dealerships vehicles by using OEM replacements for our keys & remotes. When you start with a better product, you end up with a happier customer. We will always go the extra mile for our customer.


How do we do it?



We're a professional locksmith company without the high prices. Our expertise is in retail and fleet operations. We provide a second set of keys at typically 50% less than parts/service department & other locksmiths. Our owner operated business always has our customers best interest in mind. We use OEM keys & remotes. Less overhead & volume purchasing, equal the lowest price.  Dealer Keys strives to provide the best service in the industry.

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